Maria Brett, Mindfulness, Leadership and Transformational Coaching

Maria Brett

The Growing Edge

Mindfulness and resilience for personal and professional growth

Maria is an expert in leadership and organisational development who inspires others to find and work at their growing edge, to live and lead more mindfully, with clarity, calm and connection.

Awareness is revolutionary: Open your heart to change your mind

Download the Transformational Coaching Model

Explore the Transformational Coaching model developed by Maria Brett with its three stages (present, future and pathway) and its nine targets for transforming your leadership (story, blind spots, re-framing, possibilities, outcomes, commitment, strategies, goals and action).


Inspirational Speaking

Transforming Resilience: Leading mindfully in the age of disruption

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching: For purpose-led, mindful leaders

Mindful Leadership Training

The Growing Edge: Live masterclass for mindful leaders

Purpose-Led Consulting

Purpose-led Strategy: Creating impact through vision and action

Living with purpose (on purpose)

A strong sense of purpose drives Maria Brett’s work and life.
Clarity of p
urpose is therefore central in her programs which are built on three core values:

Integrity underpins everything.  This means acting ethically, taking responsibility for her impact on other people and the world, and being her authentic self. 

Connection matters because we don’t live in isolation – we are wired for connection. Going beyond self to connect with others radically changes how you experience the world.

Growth is possible, in your personal professional life, because change is constant.  The question is, are you ready to grow?

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Maria Brett, Mindfulness, Leadership and Transformational Coaching